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Veteran Wellness Initiative Community Training Series

Healthcare professionals in rural communities often lack access to intensive training opportunities in evidence-based approaches known to effectively address the needs of Veterans. Healthcare services are increasingly being provided outside of the VA system, yet many community service providers are ill-prepared to address the unique needs and complex challenges of those who are transitioning from military to civilian life, or of Veterans struggling to achieve wellness of mind, body and spirit in their own homes, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Assisting communities in supporting the transition from military to civilian life, supporting family members, integrating them into wellness plans, and utilizing Veteran-centered assessment and intervention methods are key to increasing access to quality care for those who do not or cannot yet seek care within the VA healthcare system.

Throughout 2018, VWI will partner with Madre Bay Consulting & Psycholgical Services to provide the latest evidence-based training to mental health and other service providers in the Rio Grande Valley. The first training series will be offered to non-VA community providers currently providing mental health services to Veterans, active service members, and their families. Participants will receive a certificate at the completion of each course. Additionally, we have partnered with PsychArmor Institute to provide online course content in order to meet the training needs of service providers at any phase of military/Veteran cultural competence


VWI COURSE A - Group-delivered combined Cognitive Processing Therapy and Exposure Therapy for PTSD (March 15-17 at Doctors Hospital Renaissance)

·  A 3-day, stepped training series instructed by Dr. Diane Castillo, PhD the developer of the protocol

·  VWI will work with local community partners to offer 16-week CPT/PE groups led by course completers

o  Groups are comprised of 3 Veterans diagnosed with PTSD

o  16 Weekly supervision and consultation sessions by Dr. Castillo





 A primer on trauma, PTSD, co-occurring conditions, symptomatology, etiology, and current research on scientific theories guiding current empirically supported treatments for PTSD.

A half-day course instructed by Dr. Marsha N. Sargeant, PhD (Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice at Madre Bay Consulting & Psychological Services and founder of Veteran Wellness Initiative)

Open to all Masters level providers/peers


VWI COURSE C – Parent Training and the Role of Family in Military-to-Civilian Transitioning

A 4-hour course by Dr. Twana Cooks-Allen, LMFT, LCSW, PhD

VWI COURSE D – Understanding PTSD: Beyond the diagnosis

 A 4-hour course by Dr. Marsha Sargeant for Veterans only

This course covers content from PTSD 101, but also emphasizes strengths associated with military experience that may be used in the civilian world.